Can You Hear Me Campaign

The beginning of spring semester is another great time to catch faculty and staff before the heavy lifting of the semester starts. This year, the awareness campaign consisted of a silent video, bringing awareness to closed captioning, along with four companion posters, each drawing attention to a simple accessibility technique. The idea was to quickly catch the audience’s attention and draw them to the Accessibility Network website.

This silent video was created to play on various digital screens across campus, but mainly the screens in the student center. The hope was to increase awareness of captioning in the student body, drive demand for the use of videos with captioning and, in turn, cause faculty to learn more about the technique.


Can You Hear Me video playing on the large video wall in the student center.

We hung the four companion posters in various buildings around campus:

Each poster incorporated tearaway strips, so if the viewers wished to find more information, they could take the web address with them.

As far as metrics go, we saw a small increase in web traffic right after the campaign was released and we continue to see more visitors to the site than when it was first released in August. We hope that come fall, the idea of accessibility will at least be a somewhat familiar topic to the faculty and staff through this spring campaign.


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