Action Shots

One of my goals working for the College of Education, Health and Society was to build up an image library of experiences of every day college life. These photos would be used in print, on the website, and on Instagram. They worked in conjunction with the Miami branding principle of showing authentic situations.

So, I set up a series of photo shoots while classes were taking place and tried to capture as many learning situations as possible.

When they were used on the web, they were reformatted for banner size and slotted into revolving image banks. What was nice about accumulating these images was that every department could use their own photos to show what was happening in their classrooms.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lastly, I used the divisional Instagram site to show images of the campus and various images of the buildings in which our classes took place. We developed a great community following both within the college and university and from the surrounding areas.


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